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“NÃO DEITE FORA” (“DO NOT LITTER”) A higher commitment to the environment

This is one of the main causes for which the Serra da Estrela Granfondo organization strive.

The Serra da Estrela Granfondo has its full course traced in the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, a protected area of ​​great beauty and environmental value. This must be a strong reason for all the people involved in this event, from organizing to the participants have an exemplary conduct, keeping the value of this natural landscape and the sustainability of Serra da Estrela Granfondo.

Conscious of the fact that cycling, professional and amateur, has a lot to do to fit his image to the values of environmental preservation, the Serra da Estrela Granfondo organization joined the international projects Ecocyclo and “Ne Jetez Plus” (Do Not Litter). A Portuguese version of its official logo, had purposely made to Ultra Spirit sports  and Clube Chronos events with the message "Não Deite Fora". Ultra Spirit sports  and Clube Chronos join as the first Portuguese sports organization, other sportives such as Quebrantahuesos, L'Etape du Tour, La Leggendaria Charly Gaul and other reference events as a partner of these projects, recognized by the UCI, seeking to prevent the big events cycling become tagged by trace of trash left along the road and roadsides.

Besides this work of awareness and motivation, the organization of the Serra da Estrela GranFondo, pay special attention to the special areas for the athletes put their trash on the recovery zones.

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